Plumbing Recent Projects

Plumbing Recent Projects

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Description of Work: They replaced a valve & inspected the water heater.

They performed a pluming inspection & found a small leak at the main water shut-off valve. They replaced the valve with a new one and also inspected my water heater & tightened the connections. They arrived on time and were very professional. I would definitely use them again.

5-Star Review
Via Angi Testimonial

Mike came and survey my leak on the ceiling He needed to cut a hole into the drywall because there is no access He was able to find the leak and fixed it. I very happy with his service. He was professional I forgot to ask him the price and I felt the price was fair. I needed my leak fixed.

5-Star Review
Celia C., Claremont, CA
Via Yelp Testimonial

Wonderful service! We needed some valves replaces quickly, they got someone out to us the same day, he was very professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Highly recommend.

5-Star Review
Kristin C., La Verne, CA
Via Yelp Testimonial