Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are some of the most lucrative investments you can make to boost your home’s equity. Often times, homeowners are happy to recoup around 50% of what they invest in a certain home improvement project. It allows them to customize their homes to better suit their wants, improve their day to day functions and eventually when it comes time to sell, it adds to their home equity bit by bit.

For both a kitchen and/or bathroom remodel, the bar is set much higher. For both projects, a homeowner can expect a nearly full, if not more than, return on their investment. For a kitchen remodel, a homeowner not only will receive the nice granite counter-tops, new island and great cabinetry, but they can expect to get up to 90% of their investment back on resale. Bathrooms are even greater! Certain bathroom remodels have shown an ROI of 182% (HGTV).

Though McLay Services does not offer flooring and cabinetry work in kitchens, we do offer a complete bathroom remodel. What these numbers show is that bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most valued rooms in the house. Part of this is because they can be major features in a home, especially a kitchen in homes with an open floor plan. Another major reason why a newly remodeled bathroom and kitchen are so sought after is that these rooms are expensive and vital to any home’s comfort. When you factor in all of the normal expenses of a room with materials and electrical, then you add in the costs of the plumbing and sewage systems, it’s no wonder why completed kitchens and bathrooms are major draws for homebuyers. A home just isn’t a home without a functional and welcoming kitchen and inviting bathrooms.

Luckily for home and business owners in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas, McLay Services is a trusted local contractor that can perform these vital remodels at an extremely competitive rate, while also providing quality work. The type of quality that we provide is what’s made us a local favorite in the greater Los Angeles area for services ranging from heating to air conditioning to plumbing.

Commercial Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

We understand the difference between a house not feeling like a home without a kitchen or bathroom and a business being on hold because of a faulty kitchen or bathroom. We take our business seriously and in doing so, we place your business first.

With McLay Services, you can rest assured that your plumbing and sewage systems will be completely functional as quickly and effectively as possible. Our installation teams are equipped with the knowledge and experience to tackle your projects. No kitchen or bathroom is too large, small, short or tall to be remodeled. Contact our offices today to schedule a visit with our team to receive a fair quote for the work you need.

Remodeling Your Home’s Bathroom or Kitchen with McLay Services

Whether you are flipping a house or crafting your forever home, you can rely on the quality work from McLay services to get your kitchen or bathroom project done on time and within budget.

Not only is a kitchen or bathroom remodel a large expense, but it can also be an investment with a huge payoff. While you can’t put a price on the kitchen of your dreams, you can certainly put a cost on your home during resale that is significantly greater than your original purchase price, given a similar housing market, if you have recently remodeled your kitchen or bathroom. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with a trusted contractor in McLay Services and the ability to watch your money soar with the right ROI on a successful bathroom remodel.