4 Tips on Keeping Your Commercial Space Cool This Summer

Space Cool This Summer

If you own or manage a commercial space, maintaining a comfortable environment during the summer will help keep employees happy while maintaining productivity. In today’s post, AC repair and installation company McLay Services, Inc. shares tips on how to keep your commercial space cool this summer.

  1. Keep up with maintenance appointments. Your building maintenance checklist should include a maintenance appointment with your HVAC technician before summer begins. This helps ensure reliable and efficient operation while reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Also, given that your building’s air conditioners will be used heavily for the entire season, an efficient system will help you save on your monthly utility bill.
  2. Change air filters. Commercial HVAC air filters capture impurities in the air and need to be changed every one to three months. Clogged air filters can impede airflow, which can result in less effective cooling for your building’s occupants. Changing air filters regularly can help maintain efficiency, improve indoor air quality and reduce the strain on your HVAC system. If you’ve been keeping up with HVAC technology trends, look for equipment like dehumidifiers and air scrubbers that can further improve indoor air quality.
  3. Keep an ear out for noises. During your monthly routine HVAC inspections, listen for noises coming from the air conditioning units. A commercial HVAC system in optimal condition should make a continuous hum. Noises like hissing, rattling or bubbling indicate problems that will need to be addressed by your HVAC technician.
  4. Turn on the fans. Many people think of air conditioners and fans as “either/or” instead of “and” — when fans actually complement the air conditioner in the building. Fans create air movement, resulting in a wind chill effect that helps maintain even cooling. In fact, you can raise the thermostat by as much as four degrees without any noticeable impact if you have a fan running in the room!

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