Summer Heat Pump Do’s & Don’ts

Heat Pump Dos and Don'ts

If you’ve recently switched from a furnace or boiler to a heat pump, it’s important to understand that they work differently. Heat pumps also function as air conditioners, which means you’ll be using your system throughout the year. In today’s post, McLay Services, Inc. shares a few heat pump do’s and don’ts that can help keep it in good shape this summer.

Do Keep the Heat Pump Switched On

It may sound counter-intuitive, but you’ll get better mileage from your system if you keep it running instead of turning it off. When you turn off your heat pump, your house gradually loses cool air, which means it can be as warm as the outdoors by the end of the day. If you turn your HVAC system back on when you return, it will run at full capacity for much longer as it works to cool the house back down.

In comparison, keeping your heat pump system running around the clock has many benefits. A programmable thermostat can be set to turn the temperature up by as much as 10 degrees when you’re away and then turn it back down as you return. It helps reduce the strain on your system and can even help you save on your utility bills. When you switch to heating as the winter season approaches, you can adopt the same practice.

Don’t Mess With the Settings3

The beauty of having a combined cooling and heating system is switching from heating to cooling and back is as easy as flicking a switch. As described above, a programmable thermostat can automate the process of turning the temperature up and down, according to your daily activities, which means you don’t have to fuss with your temperature setting at all. If some members of your household find the default settings uncomfortable, consider getting individual mini-split heat pumps for every room instead of a whole-house system.

Do Use the Highest Fan Speed

Running the fan along with the heat pump creates airflow that distributes conditioned air more evenly. Sure, running the fan may create a bit of noise, but you can turn up the thermostat by a few degrees on a hot summer day and it won’t make your home less comfortable. Fans can help reduce the strain on your heat pump, which can be beneficial to its long-term performance.

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