The Ideal Temperature Setting for a Home Water Heater

Ideal Temperature Setting

After a long day, nothing beats the feeling of hot water soothing your tired muscles. A hot bath or shower can help you sleep better, improve circulation and lower blood pressure. But finding a water heater temperature that works for everyone isn’t as easy as it seems. You’ll need to consider several factors to ensure you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for comfort.

Discover the ideal water heater temperature for your family with the help of a local heating and air conditioning expert.

Consider Your Safety

The 120-degree setting is generally good for most people. However, bacterial growth remains a possibility, which can cause issues for immunocompromised individuals. If you have family members with compromised immune systems, it’s better to maintain a temperature setting of 140 degrees or higher. You also need to take young children and older adults into account. For the young and elderly, 120 degrees reduces the likelihood of burns from scalding water.

Don’t Forget About Energy Savings

According to the Department of Energy, the 120-degree setting is ideal for energy savings. As mentioned previously, going lower than that can put your health at risk due to the increased chances for bacterial growth. To enjoy more savings on your utility costs, you can ask your HVAC contractor about modern, energy-efficient water heaters.

How Many Family Members Do You Have?

When deciding on a water heater temperature, you must also consider how many family members you have. Even a 20-degree temperature increase can make a significant difference in hot water levels. If members of your household tend to take showers at the same time, it’s best to maintain the 140-degree temperature setting.

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