3 Common HVAC Problems in the Summer & How to Fix Them

hvac problems

As the hot, sultry days of summer progress, the more essential sufficient air conditioning becomes. To keep your home cool and comfortable this season, McLay Services, Inc. — a reputable company that’s up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology trends and solutions — discusses some of the most common HVAC problems during the summer and how to fix them.

  • Insufficient airflow. One of the most typical causes of poor airflow in the HVAC system is loose vegetation clinging to the outdoor unit–called the condenser–which traps the heat inside. To prevent this issue, regularly clear the area surrounding your condenser. Dirty air filters are also a leading culprit, so make sure to check and replace yours every month during the summer to prevent airflow issues.
  • Low refrigerant. Over time, coils and refrigerant lines can develop cracks and holes that allow refrigerant liquid to leak out, resulting in a low refrigerant charge in the system. Once this occurs, your air conditioner will have a hard time cooling the air indoors, which can lead to wasted energy and longer runtimes. Let a licensed AC repair technician inspect your unit and seal the leaks before refilling the refrigerant.
  • Electrical issues. Electrical components of your air conditioner are also vulnerable to damage when temperatures rise. For instance, the capacitor, which provides start-up energy for the unit, can overheat due to excessive heat from the sun, increased workload or a combination of the two. Wires can also shake loose due to frequent use, while trapped debris can damage the fins and clip the wiring. Since these problems require technical skills to fix, it’s best to call in an expert at the first sign that your air conditioner isn’t working properly.

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