4 Features of Smart HVAC Systems

4 Features of Smart HVAC Systems

Smart HVAC systems are heating and cooling systems that can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device. In addition to being incredibly convenient to use, smart HVAC systems are more efficient in their energy usage. In this blog, HVAC contractor McLay Services, Inc., lists the features of smart HVAC systems.

Smart Vents — Typical zoned heating and cooling systems allow occupants to customize their indoor temperatures using mechanical dampers that control air flow into a room. While this achieves the desired effect of adjusting the amount of conditioned air, the HVAC system itself takes some time to catch up before it adjusts its output accordingly. Smart vents are more efficient because changes to a particular zone are communicated instantaneously, resulting in less wasted energy.

Smart Thermostats — Smart thermostats feature a user-friendly interface similar to that of smartphones. These devices are connected to the smart HVAC system wirelessly via Bluetooth or their home wifi network, which makes installation easier because it reduces the amount of required wiring. Smart thermostats have all the same capabilities of programmable thermostats–plus more. One feature allows you to save any number of “events” and apply custom labels; for example, you can set your HVAC to turn down all heating (or cooling) in the bedrooms while everyone is having dinner.

App Control — Smart HVAC systems can be controlled using an app created by the manufacturer, or through whole-home systems like Apple’s HomeKit. Certain systems can be configured for voice control, which makes it ideal for homeowners who may have limited accessibility. Apps also allow remote access. This can be useful in situations where you forgot to turn the heating before leaving for work, or when your kids arrive home from their various activities earlier than usual.

Automatic Updates — Computers and smartphones receive periodic updates, so it only makes sense for smart HVAC systems to do the same. The system can even be configured to download and install updates while you’re asleep or when you’re away for continuous comfort.

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