All the Things You Wanted to Know About La Verne (But Never Thought to Ask!)

All the Things You Wanted to Know About La Verne

If you live in or near La Verne, CA, you know that there is a rich history to the La Verne area that creates a unique culture built on honoring the past while striving forward as a progressive city, just 30 minutes from Los Angeles. Here are a few things you may not know about this small city.

Famous people from La Verne

For you dreamers out there wondering if any La Verne locals have made it big, you won’t be disappointed. La Verne has both current and past residents that have achieved much acclaim in the fields of athletics, entertainment and literature, with many of them walking through the halls of La Verne’s very own Bonita High School, just as the next generation of bright minds and superstars are doing today.

Erin Gruwell – Author of, Freedom Writers – Grew up in La Verne

Paula Jean Myers-Pope – Olympic diver and four-time medalist – Grew up in La Verne

Sugar Shane Mosley – Former world champion boxer and current boxing hall-of-fame member – Current resident of La Verne

Glenn Davis – Member of the college football hall-of-fame, heisman trophy winner, former NFL player – Grew up in La Verne

Jeffrey Garcia – Comedic actor, radio DJ, Voice actor – Current resident of La Verne

Noah Clarke – Professional hockey player – Grew up in La Verne

Freddie Brown – Professional football player – Grew up in La Verne

Ewell Blackwell – MLB pitcher in WWII era – Grew up in La Verne

Evan Ellingson – Actor – Grew up in La Verne

Jason David Frank – MMA fighter – Grew up in La Verne

What to do in La Verne

Situated 45 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica and 45 minutes from the peak of Mt. San Antonio, La Verne is in no shortage of outdoor activities. You can also stop by one of La Verne’s 21 community parks. If you are wondering what kind of events are held in La Verne, there are some great spring events in La Verne for both visitors and locals to enjoy the rich heritage of La Verne.

Summer Concerts in the Park
Nothing’s better in the summer than live music and being outdoors. McLay Services and other local businesses help sponsor these great gatherings that are fun for the whole family!

La Verne Fresh Farmers Market
Why stop at oranges when you get all the best produce that the Pomona Valley has to offer with a weekly farmers market on Saturdays? The vendors come together to sponsor this local gathering of fresh food and free entertainment with live music and great artisan gifts.

Pomona Raceway
As the hotter weather picks up, so does the heat on the race track. Local Auto Club Raceway (In the backyard of La Verne and next door to McLay Services) at Pomona comes alive in the spring with weekly events that last through November!

The Sip of La Verne Wine Walk
Taking place in the spring, La Verne locals get to sample some of the finest local wines. In an area known for its rich soil, you can be certain that this is an event you won’t want to miss. McLay Services and other local businesses help to sponsor this event.

Taste of La Verne
McLay Services and other local businesses of La Verne and its surrounding areas have helped sponsor this tasty event. This is where the best local vendors and restaurants come together to show off their culinary talents and please your tastebuds.

4th of July Parade
Join McLay Services as is helps to sponsor La Verne’s annual 4th of July parade. Bring the family and stake your spot on the side of road as the community comes together to spread cheer and celebrate our nation’s independence.

What’s the deal with the oranges?

Oranges are a sweet and sour part of La Verne’s history. Though in its current landscape, as a small city of over 30,000 residents, locals would not draw a direct correlation with La Verne and oranges, La Verne got its name (La Verne translating to, “The Green” in French) for its once rich soil and ability to grow groves of citrus trees. Unfortunately a mysterious event occurred after WWII that affected the trees’ abilities to grow large, fresh oranges. Thus, the majority of the land was cleared and quickly turned into housing for eager homebuyers.

If you love La Verne as much as we do here at McLay Services, we know that you’ll do anything to preserve its rich history and wholesome culture. To keep the city of La Verne “Green” and its residents comfortable, we provide elite energy efficiency and heating & cooling services in La Verne. Contact us today to keep your home green and happy this spring.