Carrier’s The Winner Of The Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

Carrier’s The Winner Of The Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

Consumers Digest recently awarded four models in Carrier’s current HVAC line with the Consumers Digest® Best Buy award. They are proud to boast of having achieved this very prestigious accomplishment considering that this award is only given to the top three percent of competing models. Three Carrier HVAC products: the Infinity 19, the Infinity 16 and the Infinity with Greenspeed were found to have exhibited exceptional performance in the heat pump categories. The fourth award was given to Carrier Performance Boost 80 gas furnace.

Why did these units warrant this show of appreciation?

The Infinity 19 is a mid-range series that surpasses its competitors in its reliability and its super quiet operation. This Energy Star heat pump provides efficient cooling and heating due to the advanced technology of Infinity’ two-stage compressor. When used in conjunction with the Infinity control, the unit offers exceptional heating and cooling efficiency with the benefit of energy savings, convenience, operation noise levels at a low 65 decibels.

The Infinity 16 is Energy Star rated and comes with a variable-speed blower motor producing efficient hybrid-heat. Again this unit is quiet when compared with other heat pumps, operating with noise levels as low as 67 decibels.

The Infinity with Greenspeed has a variable speed compressor, which takes efficiency to new heights. It offers unlimited adjustments between 0 and 100% for heating and cooling comfort. These tighter temperature control options allow for greater efficiency due to the extended operation of steadier controls. This unit is the quietest of the three creating only 58 decibels of sound.

The Carrier Performance Boost 80 gas furnace was acknowledged because of its performance and its exceptional warranty. This unit is equipped with a multi-speed blower and ComfortFan technology for improved air flow control. It has a 10 year part limited warranty and a 20 year heat exchanger limited warranty.

Carrier has produced several outstanding HVAC units for 2014. They will continue to place quality, durability, function, comfort and value remain among the top concerns for Carrier’s HVAC research and development departments. Consequently, the consumer will continue to reap the benefits of the great products Carrier develops. If you, on the other hand are working with HVAC units that aren’t as well conceived and executed, make sure you call us for help.