Common Factors That Affect Your Home’s Water Quality

Water Quality

Quality drinking water is an important element that most homeowners take for granted. After all, nobody wants to drink tap water if they know that it isn’t properly filtered and fit for safe consumption! Poor water quality will also mean fewer potential homebuyers if you were to put your home on the market. Fortunately, there are ways to improve water quality, especially if you work with a plumbing repair expert.

If you’re currently searching for a professional plumber or an “outdoor tankless water heater” online, you can count on McLay Services, Inc. to get your plumbing job done right. Some of the most common causes of poor water quality include:

Geographic location. Where you reside plays a big factor in the quality of the water in your home. Not all regions will have the best water quality, as some have hard water, which means higher levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. Although it’s generally safe to drink hard water, it can erode your plumbing system and lead to the formation of mineral deposits in the pipes that will interrupt the flow of water.

Age and a lack of adequate filtration. Your home’s plumbing may not have a good filtration system installed to ensure good water quality. This is necessary if your property has a private well, but if you’re using municipal water, it should already be safe to consume since it went through rigorous filtering at the local water plant. The age of your pipes can also affect water quality even if the water has already been filtered by your municipality, as it can bring in unwanted contaminants as travels through your old plumbing infrastructure. Have it checked by a plumber who has the knowledge and experience for the job!

Keeping Your Water Clean and Safe

If you already know that your home’s water quality isn’t up to your expectations, consider investing in a good filtration system to improve it. The two main types of filtration systems are point-of-use and point-of-entry, which offer different benefits depending on what suits your needs. Point-of-use systems such as distillers and reverse osmosis units work to purify water at a single faucet in your home, while point-of-entry systems filter water at the source (i.e. the water line entering your home).

If you have any water quality issues that need professional attention, you can count on the services offered by McLay Services, Inc.! And if you’re searching online for a “cold climate tankless water heater”, be sure to check out what we offer on our website. Call us today at (909) 392-2202, or you can fill out our online request form. We serve La Verne and nearby areas.