Common Plumbing Problems You’ll Find in an Old Home

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If you recently purchased an older home, then you need to prepare yourself for any issues that may arise, which can vary from drafty windows to roof leaks. The right contractor will make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage to your home.

Of course, you’ll also want to know whether you need to spend money on plumbing repairs, so whether you’re currently searching for a professional plumber or a supplier of “outdoor tankless water heaters” online, you can count on McLay Services, Inc. to get the job done right. Here are some of the common plumbing issues you’ll need to deal with:

Shifted/Bellied Pipes

Plumbing systems in old homes are usually buried or encased in concrete slabs. They’ll slowly shift downward over time, creating a negative slope (also called a “belly”) that can create pools of accumulated water and waste. This is how the pipes get clogged if not addressed professionally, so if you have this type of problem in an old home, get it repaired as soon as possible.

Old/Outdated Fixtures

Even if the plumbing system in an old home seems mostly intact, the fixtures and connections will often be out-of-date. They may not be working properly, either, so you can expect leaking, rust, limescale buildup and other plumbing problems. A DIY fix may be too much to handle on your own, so consider working with a trusted plumber who can do the job professionally and efficiently.

Draining Issues

Dirty water, soap, debris and filth can have a big impact on an old home’s plumbing system, especially if they’ve been accumulating for several decades. If your system isn’t maintained properly, then you can be sure that there will be issues that will need your immediate attention. This can affect your kitchen and bathroom with issues such as water backups, unusual smells and clogged drains. Make sure to have your plumbing thoroughly checked by a trusted professional to ensure the issues are addressed properly!

If you have any plumbing issues that need professional repair, you can count on the services offered by McLay Services, Inc.! If you’re searching online for a “tankless water heater ”, be sure to check out what we offer on our website. Call us today at (909) 392-2202, or you can fill out our online request form. We serve La Verne and the neighboring areas.