How Do Average Homes Use Water?

How Do Average Homes Use Water?

Homes account for about 8% of water used in America. It may not seem like a lot, but it can still go down without sound household practices. Considering that only 1% of the Earth’s water is suitable for human consumption, you should do everything you can to save. The alternative is unpleasant: higher concentrations of pollutants.

To use water efficiently without sacrificing your family’s health and lifestyle, it’s imperative to understand how you use it regularly before anything else. Experienced plumbers would attest that these are the most common ways average individuals use water every day:

Flushing Toilets

Generally, toilets use three gallons per flush. If you use it multiple times a day, the volume of water adds up quickly. If you have older toilets, they’re probably consuming four gallons per use. If you’re truly serious about water efficiency, upgrade to products with low-flush technology.

Taking Showers

Every minute old showers are on means five gallons of water going down the drain. Since low-flow showerheads can reduce that to two gallons per minute, it’s easy to see the savings. In addition to better hardware, though, spending less time bathing helps minimize your household water use.

Washing the Dishes

If you do it by hand, you’re likely to use eight gallons at best, and 27 gallons at worst. On the other hand, leaving the job to an ENERGY STAR–labeled dishwasher means consuming only six gallons of water per cycle.

Brushing Teeth, Shaving, and Washing Hands or Face

No environmentalist would accuse you of endangering the world’s freshwater supply in the name of personal grooming. After all, proper hygiene contributes to good health. Although you only use one gallon or less whenever you brush your teeth, shave, or wash your hands or face, you can still decrease it. Simply turning the faucet off until you actually need to use water can go a long way.

Work with Experienced San Bernardino Plumbers to Prevent Leakage Effectively

Honest plumbers, including McLay Services, Inc., would say that household leaks are the biggest drain on water. More than just increasing your utility bill, they also cause water damage to your interior and set the stage for mold and bacterial growth.

Stay ahead of them by observing preventive maintenance, head off major problems with pipes and other fixtures. Call us at (909) 392-2202 or complete this form to discuss your plumbing needs and let us help you save more water every day.