How Does Office Temperature Affect Your Productivity?

How Does Office Temperature Affect Your Productivity

According to various studies, the temperature inside your office can determine how productive you are at work. There have been as many debates about this topic as there have been studies. It’s also suggested that just give or take a few degrees and your productivity could be significantly affected. Over the years there have been numerous studies carried out to determine the optimal temperature for employee productivity. Studies do show that the optimal temperature is between 70 to 73 degrees F, however studies carried out by Cornell University, the British Government organization, suggest that 74 degrees F would please approximately 70% of people, and this is as good as it gets.

Office Temperature Fluctuations

Giving and taking a few degrees may seem harmless, however, research shows that just a few degrees more or less could have up to a 5% decline in productivity. It should also be noted that the optimal temperature would be one that is right for everyone and one that everyone is comfortable with. This poses quite a challenge as there are many factors to consider, especially when working with people.

Some of the aspects that should be taken into consideration is the humidity levels within the room. Humidity should be kept at 40% at all times. In the summer months, a dehumidifier may be needed and in winter, when using a commercial HVAC, you should invest in a humidifier if need be.

The climate plays a big role in the average office temperature in the country, So does the season. In warmer summer months, people wear less, thinner and more breathable clothing, so they will remain comfortable in warmer temperatures. In winter, people always wear thicker clothing and more layers as well, so this accommodates for the cooler office temperatures. Your age also helps you feel much cooler and makes you more susceptible to the cold, so a workforce with a predominantly older staff would benefit from warmer temperatures in the office.

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