How To Control Your Nest Thermostat With Google Now

Did you know you can control your home temperature on your mobile phone while you are away? The Nest temperature control thermostat is the new cool way to operate your HVAC system at optimum levels saving energy and your monthly bills. The Nest thermostat employs cutting edge features to ensure you live comfortably in your home without having to frequently adjust the HVAC thermostat.

The New Features

You can monitor the Nest thermostat on your Smartphone simply by downloading the Nest thermostat app. With this app you can check your current home temperature at any given time and even make temperature changes right on your phone. If granny is right at home and need the room warm, you no longer have to call your technician to rush over and check the thermostat.

Another exciting feature in the new Nest temperature control is the auto away option. This feature senses when you are away from your home and makes temperature regulations accordingly. Being outdoor for a few hours will switch the HVAC to substantial efficiency to save energy. On the other hand, if you are on vacation, the HVAC system will further drop energy consumption until you are back home.

The nest temperature control thermostat will also vary your room temperature according to your taste and preference. It does this using the schedule and set-point learning feature which records both your daily schedule and temperature preferences. If you come home from a morning jog all sweaty, you will definitely enjoy the cool atmosphere in your house because Nest knows the last thing you need is heat!

With a new feature known as ‘Nest Leaf’ you no longer have to guess the right temperature for your house. The thermostat records the existing temperature in your environment and will turn the green leaf on when you set the right optimum temperature with respect to the surrounding. The Time to Temperature on the other hand prevents you from setting extreme temperature point to either cool or warm the house faster – which is often an ineffective way of energy consumption.

If you want to learn more about the Nest temperature control thermostat or order your new thermostat today, feel free to call us and we will help you out.