How to Deal With a Leaky Water Heater

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A leaking water heater can be a problem if the water reaches the sub-flooring and interior walls. Unwanted moisture in these areas can result in structural damage and can also allow allergens to thrive sight unseen. In today’s post, local plumber and HVAC company McLay Services discusses how to deal with a leaking water heater.

Turn off the power supply. If you have an electric water heater, avoid the risk of electric shock by switching off the appropriate circuit breaker from the electrical panel. If your heater utilizes fuel such as gas or oil, turn off the source of the fuel. This will help prevent fuel contaminating the water and vice-versa.

Turn off the water supply. Next is the water supply. You’ll want to stop additional water from getting into the tank if there is a leak. Most types of water heaters have the tap water shutoff valve located at the top, which can be turned off with a lever or knob. If it’s out of reach, or if you’re unsure of how to turn it off, locate your home’s water main and turn the water off from there.

If your home is equipped with a tankless water heater, then the leak can be attributed to a plumbing problem rather than a tank leak. Whatever the case may be, it usually helps if you hire a heating or HVAC contractor that also offers plumbing services.

Call your local plumber. You’re not expected to perform repairs yourself. A plumber will first need to determine the source of the leak. Sometimes the leak can be traced to the pipes instead of the tank itself, in which case the repair process is usually much simpler and can be completed in a few hours. On the other end of the spectrum, a leaky tank may need to be replaced, which means a replacement will have to be ordered. If your water heating system is up for replacement, consider tankless heaters. They occupy less space and can provide hot water on demand. They also have other advantages.

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