How to Regularly Replace Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

AC repair filter replacement

While certain HVAC technology trends involve switching to a more efficient HEPA filter for better indoor air quality, you’re probably wondering how often you need to change it. This really depends on several factors, such as how you use it, the kind of particles that are normally present in your home (i.e. pet dander, dust) and the current season. McLay Services, Inc., shares their insight on the matter below:

Why You Should Replace It Regularly

A clean air filter helps ensure that your HVAC system maintains comfortable indoor air temperatures throughout the year without having to work as hard. This means you’ll stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer while consuming less energy!

Professional AC repair technicians also recommend changing your filter regularly; otherwise, layers upon layers of dust will accumulate on it, which can cycle back into your home through the ductwork. This also causes your HVAC system to accumulate dust and freeze up due to restricted airflow. Your unit will end up not working properly and your home’s indoor air quality will be reduced or even compromised.

How We Replace Your Air Filter

When you use our services to change your air filter, we’ll first need to locate where it is. Usually, we’ll find it in the return air ducts. As for heating units, the filter can be found near the air circulator for the furnace. Depending on your system, we may need to remove the grille or open the box so we can see the dirty air filter. It should have the size or model number on it, so we’ll know exactly what we need to replace it with.

The Best Time to Replace Your Air Filter

Although it depends on certain factors that are specific to your home and HVAC usage, it’s recommended that you change your filter at least once every two months. As you replace the filter, you can check for any other issues with your unit. If it’s unusually dirty, then you may need to replace it more frequently.

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