How You Can Protect Your HVAC Warranty

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Whether you’ve recently purchased an HVAC unit or are still browsing around for a replacement, you’ll need to keep its warranty in mind. Whenever you buy a new heating and air conditioning system, it typically comes with a warranty. You can also choose to purchase an extended warranty from the contractor who installed it in your home.

Why Are HVAC Warranties Important?

Although every manufacturer offers a slightly different warranty for each of their products, they all usually cover large system components that break down due to a manufacturer defect, as declared by a licensed HVAC contractor. It doesn’t cover fan belts, air filters, lubrication or electrical wiring, however. You’re expected to maintain these parts yourself with the help of a trusted HVAC technician.

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your HVAC warranty intact. This means working with an HVAC contractor to inspect and maintain your HVAC system regularly, as required by most warranties. This is usually done by following a maintenance plan set up by your contractor to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

What Voids HVAC Warranties?

  • Not registering your HVAC system- Your HVAC manufacturer will usually require you to register the system before the warranty will take effect. This is as easy as going to the manufacturer’s website and filling out a form. Not doing this within the specified period of time will  void the warranty.
  • Not installing the unit properly – If you DIY your HVAC installation, this can not only void your HVAC warranty, but also lead to poor operation, comfort problems and inefficient energy consumption.
  • No performing regular maintenance – Most warranties will require your unit to be serviced at least once a year. Not following your warranty’s conditions will forfeit it.

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