HVAC Replacement: Common Errors to Avoid

HVAC Replacement

An HVAC replacement can be overwhelming due to the numerous options available to choose from and the various factors that you need to consider. Fortunately, good HVAC contractors can guide you through the entire process and help ensure a pleasant, hassle-free experience. Along with working with a reliable company, it’s also important to avoid mistakes during an HVAC replacement.

In this post, trusted plumber and HVAC specialist McLay Services, Inc. lists some common HVAC replacement errors and shares a few tips on how to avoid them.

Purchasing an improperly-sized unit. Make sure your new HVAC unit isn’t too large or too small for the space where it will be used. By correctly sizing your unit, you’ll maximize your energy savings, because your HVAC system is already optimized for your needs. Your system won’t have to work as hard to bring each room to the desired temperature, which means it will use less energy. This also means your unit is less likely to wear out prematurely.

Forgetting to check your ductwork. When an outdoor tankless water heater requires replacement, there will be other important considerations your contractor has to take into account to ensure the top-notch performance of the new unit. The same is true with HVAC systems, and in this case, it’s essential to have your ductwork checked as well if you’re planning to replace your HVAC unit. Dirty, damaged or blocked ductwork can interfere with your heating and cooling system, so make sure it’s also in good condition when planning for an HVAC replacement.

Overlooking your home’s indoor air quality. The quality of your home’s indoor air can actually be worse than that of the air outside. When you’re installing a new HVAC system, make sure to choose a unit that won’t have a negative impact on your home’s air quality. Also, take the time to learn about proper maintenance so that you can effectively keep pollutants and allergens out of your home.

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