Is Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Making Loud Noises?

Modern HVAC technology trends have improved enough that newer heating and air conditioning units today run better and more quietly than earlier models. So, if your furnace or air conditioner has started to produce loud grinding or banging noises, this could be a sign that something has gone wrong with its operation.

Different sounds can indicate different problems with your HVAC system, and it can be challenging to diagnose an issue based on a noise alone. Here our heating and cooling experts at McLay Services explain why your HVAC system may be making these loud sounds, as well as give you tips on how to deal with them correctly.

Furnace Problems

Even without a surge protector for AC units and furnace systems, you can expect one loud bang as soon as you power up your furnace from the ‘off’ state. This is common for older systems, especially if it’s been a while since the furnace burners have been cleaned. You can also expect to hear loud bangs from duct expansion, which is common when there are clogs in your network. Contact your local HVAC technician for a quick inspection so they can identify where the loud noises are coming from.

Air Conditioning Issues

The compressor is perhaps the most important part of your AC system. Over time, this component can get worn out, causing it to make grinding noises as refrigerant is forced through the coils for heating or cooling. Grinding sounds from your compressor indicate a serious problem, so call your local HVAC company for service as soon as you notice this symptom.

Mechanical Issues

Most strange noises require immediate AC repair to resolve them. For example, metal-on-metal grinding noises can be caused by an interior component becoming loose inside your unit. Blower fan blades that have become faulty could also be the source of these HVAC noises. Schedule an inspection and tune-up visit with your local heating and cooling specialist to properly address the problem.

At McLay Services, we can help you keep your HVAC system in good shape all=year=-long. Give us a call at (909) 392-2202 or fill out our contact form to set up an inspection and maintenance appointment or request a free estimate on new HVAC installations today. We serve homeowners in La Verne and other nearby areas in CA.

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