Keeping Inactive Air Conditioners in Peak Condition

Keeping Inactive Air Conditioners in Peak Condition

As everyone knows, a break from the cold weather means summer is coming. Soon, people will begin to ditch their heating systems for the refuge of an air-conditioned room. But, is it still in top condition after its long layoff? After all, you’d want it to work the first time and every time you need it in summer.

Here are some tips from the pros.

Check the Essentials First

First, check the indoor equipment to see if the thermostat is obsolete. You could save money and energy by installing a newer, programmable thermostat. Test any exposed ductwork for wear. They could be a source of cooling loss or inefficiency in the home. Inspect air vents around the home. Remove items that could block airflow, such as drapes, furniture or toys.

Inspect the Drain

Inspect the drain line by the indoor cooling coil. Air conditioner drain lines become clogged with dirt collected by the indoor coil. A clogged drain line causes the water to go somewhere, which may result in serious water damage to your home. Let a professional clean your drain line at least once a year.

Don’t Forget About the Air Filter

Change your air filter every three months and before the start of a new cooling or heating season. Also, check circuits to be sure electrical connections are on. Turn the power on to the furnace or air conditioning unit.

Examine Outdoor Equipment

Next, check the outdoor equipment for overgrowth and wear. Make sure there is no blockage in or near the outdoor condenser unit and clean the area around it. Leaves, vines or debris can block its interior components, which will affect performance. You will also need to check for any missing panels meant to enclose the electrical connections.

Ensure Proper Insulation and Wiring

Make sure there is proper insulation of the refrigerant lines because proper insulation improves the efficiency of the system. Leave repairs of the insulation or refrigerant lines to a professional. Check for wear on the outdoor electrical wiring. Call a professional for service if you see any damage or wear before using your system. After all of these, you can turn the system on to test it.

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