Kohler Brand Sensor Flushing Toilets


Kohler Co., formed in 1873 and located in Kohler, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer of a variety of products including bath and kitchen products. The company has launched its Sensor Flushing Toilet in response to people’s needs for sophistication, high technology and advanced hygiene needs. Customers can either buy the Kohler Touchless Flush Kit for their existing single-flush toilets or buy the Kohler Cimarron Touchless Toilet.

Touchless flushing technology

Traditional toilets come with a lever that must be pressed or pulled in order to trigger the flushing motion of the toilet. Kohler’s Touchless Technology, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic sensing technology. All a person is required to do is wave his/ her hand over the sensor to trigger the toilet flushing motion.


Kohler Brand Sensor Flushing Toilets are easy to install. The Cimarron Touchless Toilet does not require additional installation needs above normal toilet installation. The Touchless Flush Kit is also not complicated to install on existing toilets. For a person to transform his/ her existing toilet into a Sensor Flushing Toilet, he/ she should attach the kit to the top side of the toilet’s tank (on the inside). The kit is a small gadget that can be easily attached and concealed on the inside of a toilet’s tank. Customers may also get an additional sticker/ emblem with the Touchless Flush Kit, to stick above the tank’s surface to indicate to the user where and how to wave his/ her hand to trigger a toilet flush.


The Touchless Flush Kit costs only $99.97, and this cost is inclusive of four (4) AA-sized alkaline batteries. The batteries can last from half a year to one year depending on the frequency of the toilet flush. The Kohler Cirramon Flushing toilet, which may come in a round or elongated bowl, costs $192.20 and $211.50, respectively. No special maintenance is needed for the toilet or the kit apart from the replacement of the batteries every 6-12 months.


Kohler Brand Sensor Flushing Toilets enables toilet users to flush their toilets without touching any surfaces or toilet levers. The touchless technology senses the waving motion of users’ hands to trigger toilet flush. Contact us for all your Kohler bath, toilet and HVAC needs.