Myths About Commercial HVAC Companies

Myths About Commercial HVAC Companies

There are certain myths circulating about commercial HVAC companies. This misinformation may cause problems for larger commercial or industrial facilities. However, to find the best company to service your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs, these myths have to be debunked.

4 Myths About Commercial HVAC Companies

Myth One – Maintenance Isn’t Important for New HVAC Systems

Although many people may think that maintenance isn’t important when the equipment is brand new, the truth is that ongoing regular maintenance is essential for keeping the warranty in place. If there is a repair or replacement part issue as a result of not properly maintaining the equipment, this could void the warranty, making your company financially responsible for all the repairs, parts and labor.

Myth Two – Tune-Ups are Only for Making Money

Some people see regular maintenance by a service company as a way to find problems just so they can charge you for the repair. However, tune-ups are actually a smart way to prevent expensive problems before they occur. With regular tune-ups, small problems don’t become big, expensive hassles. Regular maintenance also keeps your equipment in top working condition and increases its longevity.

Myth Three – A Big Company Means Faster Response Times

It’s a myth that bigger companies have more service technicians, so the response times are faster. A larger company may mean a different service technician for every service call. The best method is to have the same technician make the service calls. This one person can really get to know your equipment well and can maintain it for the long term.

Myth Four – HVAC Service is Transactional

In truth, HVAC service is based on building relationships, not transactions. At McLay Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, the people who work with you – the account manager and the service technician — care about helping you to maintain your HVAC equipment for the long term, not bombarding you with transactions just to make money.

With proper and ongoing maintenance of your HVAC equipment, you cut down on the costs for repairs and replacement parts. At McLay Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, a commercial HVAC maintenance company, we are dedicated to helping customers keep their system in excellent condition for the long run.

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