Never Ignore These Dangerous Odors Coming From Your HVAC System

Never Ignore These Dangerous Odors Coming From Your HVAC System

Your HVAC contractor may have already explained to you the reasons behind some of the odd noises that sometimes come from your heating and cooling units. These sounds are often symptoms of mechanical problems, particularly in units with a lot of moving parts such as the air handler, blower fans and evaporator and condenser coils. Aside from these noises, you should also keep an eye (or should we say nose?) out for strange smells that your system may be producing.

Our experienced HVAC technicians at McLay Services, discuss a few of the odors that your furnace or air conditioner can emit, as well as what they mean for your system and your home.

Burning Plastic or Rubber

If you’ve ever observed your HVAC contractor working on your unit in the past, you may have seen that the cords which interconnect the electrical components of your system are often covered in a rubber or plastic coating. These are insulation covers that prevent the current from exiting the circuitry of your machine.

Overheating cables can sometimes cause these covers to burn, producing a distinct smell of burning rubber or plastic. If you detect such smells coming from your system, cut its power immediately and call out a professional.

Chemical Odors

The heat exchanger contains chemicals that facilitate the transfer of heat within your cooling and heating units. These chemicals emit a smell similar to that of formaldehyde. If your system is producing this smell, it could mean that a pipe has cracked or burst and the coolant liquid has begun to leak out.

Rotten Eggs

Natural gas smells uncannily like rotten eggs. This is a very intense and pungent odor that is hard to ignore, nor should you; if your home begins to reek of this strong odor, it’s a definite sign of a gas leak, which is an extremely dangerous occurrence. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs coming from your HVAC system, particularly your furnace, evacuate the house immediately and call your HVAC contractor for help.

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