New HVAC Technology in Tesla’s Car

New HVAC Technology in Teslas Car

When you think about HVAC in your car, you mostly think about ugly large vents controlled by dials and sliders. On truly hot days, you may be fighting over the vent directions with your passengers in the car, even if they have their own vents up front or above their heads.

But with this new technology patented by Tesla, HVAC technology trends may be doing away with vents, sliders, and dials. Here’s how it works.

No More Ugly Vents

The main feature that really makes this new technology exciting is how the manufacturers of the Tesla were able to create a clean, smooth dash that isn’t full of dials and buttons. While your car radio, charger, and other buttons are important, the air-conditioning dials and vents take up most of the space. The special dash does away with that and presents a smooth, polished surface much like a car of the future or a movie’s spaceship interface.

High Aspect Ratio Vent

Just like how Adobe Photoshop can enhance a photo, the new vent that’s being introduced in this Tesla patent lets air come out in a narrow space that’s completely hidden. What you may think is the sleek design is actually shaped surfaces that hide two intersecting planes of air. Inside the almost-flat vents, you’ll find fins that can help control the airflow.

Intuitive Controls

Since it’s no longer a matter of sliders and dials, integrating the controls into a computer that learns your air conditioning preferences over time does help make the HVAC system more suitable for you as the car owner. A digital display gives you more versatility over how your car is cooled.

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