Proper Maintenance of Air Ducts

A clean, fully-functioning duct system is crucial to maintaining good indoor air quality. Experts recommend cleaning air ducts every five to 10 years and regularly inspecting them for any irregularities. It’s best to hire a professional to do these tasks for you since they have the skills, knowledge and equipment to ensure a thorough job.

In this post, McLay Services— a trusted company that’s always up-to-date with HVAC technology trends — discusses how air ducts are inspected and cleaned by the pros.

Main Unit

It’s important to have the main unit checked since this consists of the large ducts, which are connected to the branch ducts that run throughout your house. When inspecting the main unit, the HVAC system is usually turned on so the technician can feel around the air duct connections for air leaks.

Branch Ducts

For visible ducts that are typically found in the attic or basement, it’s important to check for damage such as damp spots, mold or torn pieces. A moist area usually indicates blockage and indoor air quality concerns, which means your air ducts should be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing an AC repair some time soon.

Duct Sealing

After having your air ducts cleaned, take the time to have them sealed as well. Almost 20-30% of conditioned air can escape through duct leaks, so in order to avoid this issue and improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, make sure to have your HVAC contractor seal the air ducts too.

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