Repair or Replace Your AC?

Repair or Replace Your AC

When should you repair or replace your air conditioning unit? Buying a new unit is a serious commitment, and sometimes a repair can be costly too. How do you know when you should do one and not the other?

McLay Services has been in the AC, heating, and plumbing industry for many years, and they can tell you the best route to pick when you want to get your money’s worth on cooling and heating.

According to their experts, there are some factors to consider when deciding. Here they are:

1. Age of the Unit

If your unit is more than 10 years old, even if it is working properly, you can definitely benefit from the inverter technology in newer models. These models have reduced energy consumption and are easier to maintain.

2. Cost of Repair

Experts say a good rule of thumb when deciding on a repair job instead of an outright replacement for the unit is to multiply the repair job estimate by the number of years you’ve been using it. If it exceeds $5000, then you should replace the unit.

3. Refrigerant Requirement

If your unit requires replacing or topping up the Freon R-22 every now and then, you need to replace that unit. The EPA has instituted a phaseout of these kinds of air conditioning units, so the prices are only going to soar. What’s more, your compressor is only that much closer to failing every time you need to top up.

Keep in mind that air conditioning repair is still essential even if you’ve decided to replace your unit. Experts say you can enjoy your unit for up to 14 years, so making sure you get your money’s worth on your appliance is important.

Call for a consultation with McLay Services to help you decide on what to do about your AC unit. Call (909) 392-2202 today and set up a free consultation.

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