Should You Constantly Adjust Your Thermostat Settings?

Should You Constantly Adjust Your Thermostat Settings?

Our experienced professionals at McLay Services, Inc., have noticed a recurring trend over the years: many homeowners forget, or at times fully neglect, to adjust their thermostats to compensate for the naturally-occurring temperature variations in their home. This can not only create hot or cold spots, but can also impede any energy-saving efforts you may be making.

Here’s some information explaining why you should consider regulating your indoor temperatures, along with a few tips that could make the whole process much simpler.

Improved Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, adjusting your thermostat up in the summer or down in the winter by just one degree translates to approximately 1% in savings on your utility bill. Recommended temperatures vary from one location to the next, but generally follow a fairly straightforward rule; keeping your thermostat 7 clicks above or below your usual level of comfort for at least 8 hours a day can save you about 10% on your annual energy bill.

If you and your family spend most of the day outside your home, either in school, at work or elsewhere, consider turning down your thermostat by 7 degrees in the winter. You can also keep your indoor temperatures slightly lower while you’re asleep to further maximize your savings.

Smart Home Systems

Our HVAC specialists at McLay Services are NATE-certified and trained to handle smart home systems that help improve your home’s energy efficiency. The process begins with a smart thermostat, a device that allows homeowners full control over their HVAC system. This means homeowners are now able to make adjustments remotely, even when they’re not at home.

Carrier® offers the #products-70″>INFINITY® System Control, a first-of-its-kind product that turns separate heating and cooling units into one contiguous system. As a smart thermostat, Infinity is designed to detect room use automatically and make the necessary adjustments to your HVAC system, ensuring comfort for both you and your family.

Trust the HVAC Experts

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