The Benefits of a Water Softening System

The Benefits of a Water Softening System

“Hard water” retains a large amount of calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up limescale in your pipes and reduce, or even block, proper water flow. The best way to remove these destructive minerals is with a water softening system.

Hard water affects whatever it touches, and several drawbacks can occur. With the help of a water softening system, you gain the following benefits.

Spotting Reduction

Hard water makes it difficult for soap to dissolve and rinse off. This can cause more soap buildup on your dishware, clothes, sinks, and appliances. Water softening systems allow you to use less soap and rinse it off with no difficulty. This will result in brighter, softer clothes and fewer blemishes on tubs and sinks.

Less Expensive

Heating hard water causes scaling on the inside of the water heater. It takes more time, which raises your utility bills. A traditional water softening system uses a salt-washed resin bed. Sodium-coated beads in the bed replace each calcium ion with a sodium ion. This process makes the water “soft” and manageable. It resembles water purification systems in many ways.

Damage Reduction

Hard water can damage household items and reduce their lifespan. Your clothes and any painted surfaces that collect water will decay sooner. Even appliances that use this water will fail much more quickly, such as washers, coffee-makers, hoses, pipes, and so on.

Irritation Reduction

You wash your clothes and body with water. Soap that does not rinse off your body causes irritation, rashes, dry skin, and chafing. A water softening system allows you to rinse off soap well, making your skin and hair softer and smoother.

McLay Services, Inc., the premier San Bernardino plumbers, recommend the NuvoH20 water softener system. It’s an innovative salt-free system that eliminates hard water without affecting the environment. It binds and stabilizes the mineral ions found in hard water.

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