The Risks of Having Mismatched AC & Evaporator Coils

Mismatched AC and Evaporator Coils

Heating and cooling systems are made of several components that are essential to their performance and longevity. Your inside air conditioner unit has an evaporator coil and the outdoor unit has a condenser coil. Ideally, these coils should have the same capacity. When they don’t match, the risk of HVAC malfunction increases.

Here your local AC repair specialists share more things that can happen when condenser and evaporator coils don’t match.

Increased energy bills.

If the sizes of your air conditioner’s coils aren’t the same, the smaller coils will have to work harder to keep up with the larger ones. The additional work your air conditioner has to do will result in increased energy consumption. It will also push the equipment to run longer, causing your cooling costs to rise.

Uncomfortable living spaces.

When your HVAC system doesn’t perform as expected, it will be difficult to keep your living spaces cool. Mismatched condenser and evaporator coils can result in increased temperatures and humidity at home. A reliable professional knows that mismatched coils aren’t good for the comfort of your living space. They’re also knowledgeable about HVAC technology trends that create more pleasant indoor conditions.

Sometimes, when the evaporator coils are smaller than the condenser coils, they can effectively dehumidify rooms but fail to cool them. Meanwhile, if the evaporator coil is larger than the condenser coil, your air conditioner will cool your spaces efficiently but won’t provide dehumidification.

Early system failure. 

Another thing that can suffer due to mismatched AC coils is the lifespan of your equipment. These coils will strain your equipment, leading to more frequent malfunctions. Besides costly repairs, you might also end up dealing with early system failure.

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