Ways to Effectively Hide an Outdoor HVAC Unit

HVAC systems often come with an essential until known as the condenser. Unlike HVAC systems themselves, these units are often placed outdoors to work properly. However, while it’s necessary that it’s placed outdoors, it’s not very appealing to look at. Luckily for homeowners, it is possible to hide it and improve its appearance while keeping it functional at the same time.

In this post, McLay, the pros to approach if you need a surge protector for AC unit, gives tips that can help you effectively hide your outdoor HVAC unit without affecting its performance.


Installing a trellis around your HVAC unit is one of the best ways you can improve its appearance and hide it without negatively affecting its performance. This is because you can combine beautiful ironwork with colorful flowers to keep the outdoor unit out of sight while providing ample airflow at the same time, allowing it to run properly without the risk of damage. Apart from that, a properly installed trellis can also protect the system from strong winds and heavy rains.


Other than the trellis, you’re also more than free to install fences around the outdoor HVAC unit to keep it out of sight and improve its appearance. According to experts, if you want to install a fence around the unit, plastic lattice is the best material to use as they’re affordable, durable, and easy to install. For assistance in hiding your home’s outdoor HVAC unit, consider turning to the HVAC and AC repair pros of McLay.


Surprisingly enough, plants can also help you hide your outdoor HVAC unit. For this option, you’ll first need to clear the ground around the unit and spread landscaping gravel. Afterwards, you can install bushes that won’t litter the ground with dead leaves and berries or grow tall enough to drop leaves into the unit itself.  By opting for this method, you’ll soon have a natural way of hiding your condenser.

Things to Remember When Hiding the Outdoor Unit

When you’re hiding your home’s outdoor unit, keep a few things in mind to avoid negatively affecting its performance. First off, make sure that there’s enough space for adequate airflow as the unit requires ample air to flow through it and dissipate the refrigerant that it removes. Apart from that, make sure you allow easy access as well in case the unit needs to be repaired or maintained.

Finally, see to it that the unit is kept away from irrigation systems such as sprinklers as the water can collect on its condenser fin and coils, forming hard water deposits that can make heat dissipation and cleaning difficult.

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