What Are the Real Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

What Are the Real Benefits of Duct Cleaning

A large number companies have popped up recently than claim to be duct cleaning experts. These companies often use scare tactics to garner sales, by declaring homeowners’ air “unhealthy.” But is duct cleaning really necessary, or is it a scam?

Duct Cleaning Services

Professional duct cleaning involves using specialized blowers, brushes and vacuums to clean the ducts throughout your home, including the intake, return and supply ducts. This process also involves thoroughly cleaning the registers, grilles, air handler, fans, housings, motors and coils of your HVAC system.

Dirty HVAC components can make your system work less efficiently; however, as of yet there is no proof that routine duct cleaning has a positive effect on the quality of indoor air or that it reduces dust inside the home.

Despite this lack of proof, there are specific instances where getting a professional duct cleaning can be useful.

When to Get Your Ducts Cleaned

The following factors may signal the need for duct cleaning.

  • Renovations—If you’ve recently had your home renovated or remodeled, it can be helpful to get this service. This is especially true if there was any lead paint removal, asbestos abatement or large quantities of dust. If your ducts weren’t sealed off during renovations, it is especially important to get the ducts cleaned, because your ducts could have harmful dust and debris trapped inside.
  • Animals—If you have animal nesting or infestation in your ductwork, make sure the animals are removed, and then get a thorough cleaning of the ducts and the HVAC unit.
  • Mold—Visible mold can cause health issues, especially for anyone with a weakened immune system, children or the elderly. It’s wise to invest in the cleaning in this situation in order to get rid of the mold spores.
  • Contaminants—Noticeable debris, odors and pet hair, including other contaminants can be a problem, if the ducts are releasing them into the room after the cleaning and vacuuming of the register. In this case, getting a professional duct cleaning can clear out these contaminants.
  • Illness—If anyone in the home is suffering from an illness that could be related to allergies, duct cleaning may help improve symptoms.

Who to Call for Duct Cleaning

Make sure you get a full-service cleaning, as just as duct cleaning won’t do much to help the situation. Always get a free estimate before any work is done, and avoid any company that offers service for significantly under $500. These companies are most likely scamming their customers. Ask family, friends and strangers whom they recommend, and make sure whomever you hire has the proper licenses and certifications. When you keep these considerations in mind, you can help ensure you get what you need.

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