What It Means to Win the Carrier President’s Award

What It Means to Win the Carrier Presidents Award

In 2015, McLay Services earned the Carrier President’s Award for Excellence. For us, this was an honor and a testament to McLay’s high standards for the team as well as our commitment to excellent customer service. But what does it really mean to win the Carrier President’s Award? Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about Carrier Corporation and the standards for winning this prestigious award.

About Carrier Corporation

Many of our customers may be familiar with Carrier Corporation and their products. As a world leader in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions, Carrier is constantly innovating to provide even better systems and products for their customers. Carrier provides global solutions for home comfort while also setting the industry standard for performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Each year, Carrier presents the Carrier President’s Award to the Carrier dealer HVAC contractors that meet their standards of excellence. This award recognizes the best HVAC contractors throughout the United States that work to provide their customers with the highest quality Carrier products and expert services as well as unparalleled customer service.

What it Means to Win the Carrier President’s Award

It is a true honor to receive the Carrier President’s Award for Excellence. Only Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers who provide Carrier products as their primary product offering are eligible to win the award. As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, McLay provides the very best in heating and air conditioning products to homeowners across Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and parts of Riverside County and North Orange County.

In order to meet Carrier’s standards for excellence in service and customer care, potential nominees need to have a strong focus on leadership, management, brand recognition, and industry expertise. As an award recipient, McLay Services has demonstrated their knowledge and expertise of both Carrier products and systems as well as HVAC industry trends and best practices. Our team aims to set an example for other HVAC companies in the area and across the U.S. by focusing on effective leadership and management in all areas of our company.

Award nominees must also emphasize customer intimacy and operational excellence in all of the areas that are crucial to exceeding Carrier customer expectations for quality, comfort, and performance. The team at McLay Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing remains committed to upholding the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. Our customers are the driving force of all that we do, from answering the initial inquiry call to performing emergency repairs. We aim to do all that we can to provide the very best service for our customers to ensure that their home comfort needs are taken care of.

We invite you to see why the team at McLay was presented with this prestigious award from Carrier. Whether you need a routine maintenance visit or are looking to purchase a brand new Carrier HVAC system, we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information about our services.