What should you expect from an HVAC routine maintenance visit?

What should you expect from an HVAC routine maintenance visit

Routine maintenance is vital to keeping your heating and cooling systems working efficiently, avoiding costly repairs, and prolonging the life of your equipment. If you are a new homeowner or have just started caring for your own HVAC system, you may be wondering, what exactly does routine maintenance entail?

Some homeowners mistakenly think that changing their air filter is enough to keep their system running efficiently and preventing breakdowns and malfunctions. But the truth is, checking and replacing your air filter is just a small part of heating and cooling system maintenance. Below, we will delve a little deeper into what homeowners can expect from an HVAC routine maintenance visit and how it helps them keep their system running optimally year-round.

What is Involved in Planned Seasonal Maintenance?

If you have not scheduled a seasonal air conditioner or heater tune-up then you may not know exactly what this service entails. Though all HVAC companies may be a little different, McLay offers the following services as part of their routine HVAC maintenance visits:

Performance Furnace Tune-Up

During a Performance Furnace Tune-Up, an experienced HVAC technician will clean the burner assembly, ignition assembly, and blower motor while lubricating any moving parts as necessary. He or she will then inspect the filtration system, flue draft, combustion, vent piping, and humidification system. This tune-up also involves adjusting of the blower components, tightening of the electrical connections, and calibration of the thermostat.

Performance Air Conditioner Tune-Up

During a Performance Air Conditioner Tune-Up, your McLay HVAC tech will clean the condenser coil, condensate drain, and blower motor while adjusting any blower components necessary. The technician will also inspect the evaporator coil, filtration system, and refrigerant leaks. In addition, the tune-up involves testing the condensate pump and starting capabilities, tightening electrical connections, monitoring refrigerant pressure, lubricating moving parts, and measuring air temperature differential, amperage, and voltage.

What to Expect During Your Service Visit

During your service visit, you can expect your McLay HVAC technician to arrive on time and greet you in a warm and friendly manner. As a family owned business, we like to treat our customers like family. Our technicians always serve customers in a courteous and friendly manner as they would their own friends and family.

During your maintenance visit, your HVAC technician will be checking for any issues with your heating and cooling system that may need to be addressed. Our NATE certified HVAC technicians are knowledgeable and trained to recognize any areas of concern during your routine maintenance visit. If they happen to find any issues during your tune-up, they will explain the issue to you and clearly explain what needs to be done. At this time, you can plan your next steps to ensuring that your HVAC system is in working condition. If the HVAC technician finds no issues, you are good to go until your next service visit.

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