Why an AC Maintenance Check in September Makes Sense

Outdoor HVAC unit

The end of summer falls in September, and for most people, they start easing up on the use of their air conditioning system at this time. However, it pays to give it one final maintenance check before putting it into hibernation. McLay Services, Inc., a trusted contractor specializing in fixing outdoor tankless water heaters, explains here why it makes sense to schedule AC maintenance in September.

The Likelihood of HVAC Damage

Temperatures tend to dip as summer transitions to autumn. With the AC system almost done for the year, it may not seem necessary to have it checked if it’s performed well all summer long.

As it turns out, maintenance isn’t so much about fixing anything as it is about keeping everything free of damage, especially for when the time comes that you need to cool your home again. Hibernation mode can be tough on your air conditioning equipment. Ignoring your system for a long period of time may lead to a sudden malfunction when the next cooling season arrives.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance in September

As a leading HVAC contractor and plumber in the local area, we recommend scheduling a maintenance check for your AC system this September. The benefits of doing so are as follows:

  • Minimal need for repairs – Servicing your air conditioner in September decreases the chances of it breaking down while it’s being used heavily in the summer. It also helps prevent considerable expenses caused by frequent unplanned repairs.
  • Better efficiency – Your AC unit has seen prolonged use over the summer, which means its working parts have been subjected to wear and tear. A certified HVAC technician can take a look at them and determine whether they’re still in good condition and are working properly. If so, then your cooling system will be good to go for next summer.
  • Consistent comfort – Scheduling your AC maintenance this September will give you peace of mind knowing it won’t break down or malfunction in the next cooling season.

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