Why You Need a Furnace Tune-Up

Why You Need a Furnace Tune Up

It’s that time of the year! The weather is starting to cool down a bit in La Verne with lows in the 50s and 60s, which means more and more residents are starting to turn on the heat. This is the best time to get your yearly furnace tune-up. Homeowners should have a certified HVAC technician inspect and perform routine maintenance on their forced air furnace once a year. This helps keep your furnace working smoothly and efficiently so that it can keep you warm when you need it most.

Why You Need a Furnace Tune-Up

An annual HVAC tune-up is recommended for all homeowners, and many people schedule their annual tune-up in the fall after their cooling system has been working hard all summer and before they start turning on the heat for the winter. One question we get asked often by our customers is – “Is an annual tune-up really necessary?”

The answer is YES!

It’s like changing the oil in your car and performing scheduled tune-ups to keep it running smoothly and prevent breakdowns.  Annual tune-up of your HVAC system is the same. Here are just a few reasons why you need a furnace tune-up before winter is here:

  • A tune-up increases the health and safety of those living in your home. By inspecting your furnace and running diagnostics, HVAC technicians can help keep you safe by ensuring that your system is properly running at the time.
  • Tune-ups can decrease your chance of a breakdown. Parts tend to wear down and break when the system is working its hardest. Proper maintenance can prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and your HVAC tech can identify any repairs that need to be completed.
  • Annual maintenance can also increase the longevity of your system. Maintenance helps you ensure that your system is running at optimal performance. The longer your system runs optimally, the longer it will last. This saves you money on energy costs and repairs.

Winter Furnace Inspection Checklist

There are many elements that will need to be checked on your furnace before winter. Your furnace needs sufficient air across the heat exchanger, which is where the flame is. It is important to check your air filters regularly and replace or clean them when they get dirty. A dirty air filter can reduce airflow and cause a lack of heating capability in your home. This can also cause your furnace to overheat and malfunction.

Another important task on your furnace inspection checklist is to look at your fan motor. A motor has bearings that need to be oiled to allow free turning of the fan blower wheel, which supplies the correct amount of air to your home. These bearings can become worn and eventually can cause breakdowns during the time you need your heat the most. An HVAC technician can inspect these bearings during your annual tune-up.

In addition, there are other parts that need to be checked, such as your hot surface ignitor, which lights your furnace and your flame sensor, which assures proper and safe operation. If you opt to get a furnace tune-up from an experienced HVAC technician, these parts will also be inspected at this time.

A properly maintained furnace will last longer and give you peace of mind that your family will enjoy a safe and warm environment. If you’re ready to schedule your annual tune-up, give us a call today at 909-392-2202. McLay is ready to make sure you and your family stay warm this winter.