Your HVAC Contractor Debunks Top Heating Myths

Your HVAC Contractor Debunks Top Heating Myths

With the dropping temperatures this cold season, you’ll want to keep your home as warm as possible. This is why it pays to know about the best ways to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, so you can drive your comfort levels up and your energy costs down.

However, there are several myths about heating your home that might prevent you from keeping your home comfortable this winter season. Below, we’ll debunk some of the top home heating myths so that you can work to keep your family comfortable as temperatures continue to drop.

Top Home Heating Myths

To help you take the right steps for keeping your home comfortable, most HVAC contractors warn of these common myths:

HVAC Myth #1: Cranking the Thermostat

Most people believe that turning up the thermostat quickly will cause your HVAC system to heat your home faster. This is not true. Doing this can actually cause the system to provide unnecessary heat, leading to high utility bills and wasted energy. Thermostats only switch the heating system on and off when needed; they’re not responsible for the amount of heat the unit will pump out or how quickly it will heat your home. Instead, set your thermostat to the desired temperature and be patient as your HVAC system works to heat your home.

HVAC Myth #2: Leaving the Heating System on Low Temperature 24/7

Instead of turning the HVAC system on or off, many homeowners leave it turned on at a low temperature at all times, thinking that this is an energy-efficient practice to follow. This is false. Keeping your heater set at a constant temperature around-the-clock keeps the home heated when there is no one to benefit from it, which can be a waste of energy.

The best way to heat your home efficiently is to set your thermostat to a cooler temperature when you know that no one will be occupying your home and adjusting the thermostat when you return. A programmable thermostat makes this process easy and hassle-free.

HVAC Myth #3: Closing the Vents Will Lower Your Energy Consumption

Some people close the HVAC vents in rooms they don’t use so they will use less heat. They are not aware that the heater does not adjust the heat it releases based on closed vents. In fact, doing this can interfere with the pressure load, which adds an unnecessary burden on your heater. As a result, you consume more energy. Rather than closing your heating vents, just work to use your heater more efficiently by adjusting the thermostat accordingly.

HVAC Myth #4: Using Both Heat and Fireplace Warms Your Home Efficiently

Unlike HVAC systems, fireplaces do not produce much heat. It only expels unwanted smoke and gases in your home. When you use your fireplace and HVAC unit at the same time, the fireplace sends the heated air out of the chimney. This can actually leave your living space feeling colder instead of warm and comfy.

HVAC Myth #5: Leaving All the Work to Your Programmable Thermostats

It is easy to assume that the programmable thermostats of your HVAC units are automated. In reality, it takes trial and error to determine the best settings for your climate and schedule. Unless you have a smart thermostat that can learn your behaviors, it’s important to be familiar with the device’s program schedules.

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