4 Key HVAC System Considerations in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities have vastly different requirements for heating, cooling and ventilation than homes or commercial properties. Tankless water heater cold climate contractor McLay Services, Inc., discusses key HVAC considerations that you should keep in mind in this blog.

Thermal Requirements — Healthcare facilities have a wider range of required temperatures, due to the fact that confined patients may need warmer or colder temperatures depending on their health requirements. Other rooms necessitate extremely cold temperatures to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Such rooms often require dedicated thermostats or separate HVAC systems.

Reliability — In addition to fulfilling thermal requirements, the HVAC system must also be reliable enough to maintain such temperatures. It falls upon the facility owner or manager to make sure that the facility has quality heating and air conditioning units, a ready supply of air filters and redundancy measures in areas where consistent temperatures are critical. Hiring a plumber and/or HVAC technician who offers emergency services, as well as implementing a preventive maintenance routine, can help minimize the risk of emergency breakdowns.

Hygiene — Indoor air quality is an important element of hospital hygiene. Areas such as emergency rooms and operating suites need to maintain a sterile environment in order to minimize the presence of microorganisms that can cause infections. Regularly-maintained isolated air ducts, combined with HVAC systems equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, can help maintain hygienic conditions. A note on using HEPA filters: since their filter media is much finer than typical air filters, they may hinder airflow. Consult your HVAC technician to find a suitable HEPA filter for your facility’s HVAC system.

Energy Efficiency — Given these considerations, healthcare facilities’ energy requirements are higher than a commercial property of similar size. Therefore, optimizing the building for energy efficiency is important. In addition to choosing heating and air conditioning systems with an ENERGY STAR® certification, addressing building insulation issues can yield long-term energy savings as well.

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