Tips on Maintaining Indoor Air Quality in Households With Pets

Living with pets presents some challenges to maintaining good indoor air quality, as well as the HVAC system itself. In this blog, HVAC and tankless water heater freeze protection contractor McLay Services, Inc., shares some tips on how to achieve a good balance between indoor air quality and maintaining a comfortable home for you and your furry loved ones.

Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Dust, pollen and other particulates can stick to fur, which is why it’s a good idea to bathe your pets on a regular basis. How often they should be bathed depends on factors such as hair length, activities and existing skin conditions. For example, dogs with long hair that engage in regular outdoor activities may need to be bathed once a week. On the other hand, short-haired stay-at-home dogs can be bathed every three months.

Adhere to a Regular HVAC Maintenance Routine

If your HVAC contractor offers planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance agreements, consider signing up. Keeping up a regular HVAC maintenance routine helps keep your heating and air conditioning systems in top shape. Also, minor repairs conducted during maintenance will ultimately cost much less than repairing a long-neglected HVAC system.

Upgrade Your Air Filters

Pets shed fur and dander, which adds to the particulates that get trapped by air filters. Plumbers and HVAC contractors like us recommend having air filters inspected regularly and cleaning or replacing them when they’re covered with dust, lint and fur. A typical air filter lasts about three months, or up to a month during periods of heavy use. There’s a wide variety of higher-capacity air filters on the market, but you must be careful to choose one that works with your HVAC system. Air filters that are too efficient can hinder airflow and put a strain on your equipment. Your trusted HVAC technician can help you choose among available air filter options.

Cover the Condenser Unit

Even if your pets mostly stay indoors, there’s a chance that they might find their way to the condenser unit and damage the fragile cooling fins. If your pets are feeling territorial, for example, they may urinate on it. You can purchase a ready-made fence or barrier and install it around the condenser, or, if you have the equipment, your next carpentry project could be building a new custom enclosure.

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