4 Ways to Spot an HVAC Scam

spotting an HVAC scam

It can be tempting to look for a faster, more affordable deal for an air conditioner repair or furnace installation. However, taking the easy way out is strongly discouraged by professionals, and can actually be a gateway to serious, costly problems in the future. So before you spend a lot of money on new equipment or services, make sure you know how to spot a fraudulent scheme.

In this article, a company specializing in HVAC services, including tankless water heater cold climate solutions, shares some of the most common signs that you’re being scammed.

They’re trying to speed up the process. If the technician is pressing you for an immediate decision, this is often a sign that they’re trying to dupe you. While a certified technician from a reputable company might try to offer you a different service to prevent another trip–and possibly another bill–they certainly won’t force products or components on you.

They’re trying to utilize used parts. This is a clear indication that a technician is trying to swiftly get in and out of your house without offering a means of solving the problem. An experienced tech, or even plumber, won’t offer used parts because they reduce the energy efficiency of your equipment and can put a strain on other parts of the system.

They’re selling you the most expensive product. When it comes to an HVAC unit, the size and model you need will depend on the square footage of your home and how many people live there. If you think that the technician is trying to push their most expensive product on you, ask them why they’re recommending that particular item. What calculations did they perform? Did they complete an assessment of your house? Ask the necessary questions before agreeing to what they’re offering you.

They arrive unannounced. A credible HVAC company will never arrive on your doorstep for an unscheduled service or inspection. Moreover, if the technicians are driving unmarked vehicles or appear to be unaffiliated, this is a surefire sign of an HVAC scam.

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