3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

furnace trips the circuit breaker

You just had to reset the circuit breaker for your furnace and now you’re thinking about the possible reasons behind this situation. If resetting the breaker worked and it hasn’t tripped again, there’s no need to worry, but if your furnace continues to trip the circuit breaker, you need to find the culprit and fix the issue immediately. McLay Services, Inc, a company well-versed in HVAC technology trends, shares three of the most common problems that cause this issue here:

Overloaded furnace. If your furnace is working harder than it should, it will pull more electric current than it normally does and become overloaded. Several issues can cause your furnace to become overloaded, including a dirty air filter, closed or blocked air vents, damaged ductwork and a malfunctioning component.

To solve this problem, make sure your air filter is cleaned or replaced regularly and that there are no items, such as drapes or furniture, obstructing the air vents. Check your attic or crawl space for crushed or twisted ductwork and patch it up if you can. If you think a part is malfunctioning, contact a heating repair company as soon as possible.

Shared circuit. It’s ideal if the furnace is on its own circuit. However, many older homes have a furnace that shares an electrical circuit with other outlets or lights. An overloaded circuit can occur when two or more combined appliances are pulling more amps than the circuit is rated for.

A heater and AC repair technician recommends taking other appliances off the furnace’s circuit or simply not running them when the heating system is on.

Circuit breaker issues. If the circuit breaker is constantly tripping, it’s also possible that the problem isn’t with the furnace but with the circuit breaker or electrical panel itself. Depending on the situation, the remedy could be tightening loose electrical connections, replacing the breaker or, in extreme cases, replacing the panel.

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