5 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Windowless Rooms

Windowless Rooms

There’s always that one room in the house that doesn’t have enough windows for ventilation; some even have no windows at all. While this problem may not be as immediate as an outdoor tankless water heater freezing, indoor air quality is nevertheless worth looking into. In today’s post, McLay Services, Inc. shares tips on how to improve indoor air quality in rooms with poor ventilation.

Clean the room regularly — Indoor air pollutants like dust can’t be vented out windows, so you have to make sure that the room is regularly cleaned. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorbing) filter to prevent smaller particles from being expelled back into the room as you clean.

Inspect and replace the air filter— Poorly-ventilated rooms will have higher levels of indoor air pollutants, which means the HVAC air filter may get clogged more often there than in the other parts of the house. Make it a point to regularly inspect the air conditioner’s air filter and replace it when needed.

Address plumbing issues as soon as possible — Call your local plumber as soon as you notice plumbing issues, particularly in areas above or beside the unventilated room. Leaky plumbing can introduce moisture into the drywall (or the ceiling of a finished basement), which will allow mold and mildew to grow sight unseen.

Use an air purifier — An air purifier can help you get rid of indoor air pollutants. You can either have a whole-home system or just a standalone unit for a particular room. It’s important to note that air purifiers are intended to be used for only a few hours a day, ideally when everyone is at home.

Use a dehumidifier — High relative indoor humidity levels, which can stem from the plumbing issues described above as well as other factors, can cause moisture damage, mold growth and a “clammy” feeling that leaves dampness in the fabrics. A dehumidifier, whether as a standalone unit or a whole-home system, can help maintain relative indoor humidity levels and indoor air quality.

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