How to Choose a Thermostat for Your Commercial Space

Commercial Space

In commercial spaces, HVAC systems do more than just provide a comfortable environment for employees and customers. They also help keep products safe and key equipment operating smoothly. Choosing the right kind of thermostat can help ensure your commercial space is properly heated, cooled and ventilated. In today’s post, local HVAC contractor McLay Services, Inc. shares a quick guide on how to choose the right commercial thermostat.

Climate Zones

Climate zones refer to areas in a commercial space that have different heating and cooling requirements, and therefore may need their own thermostat. A common example is a server room. Temperatures in server rooms can get very hot, and therefore may need their own thermostat. In office spaces, thermostats may be required for meeting rooms or similar areas to prevent uneven heating and cooling between office areas.

Manual vs. Programmable vs. Smart Thermostats

Consider the degree of control that you need to have with your heating and air conditioning system. A good rule of thumb to follow is, the smaller the retail or commercial space, the simpler your thermostat should be.

Manual thermostats allow you to set a fixed temperature during business hours, then reduce output as you close for the day; a good option if you have somewhat flexible closing times.

Programmable thermostats are ideal if you have fixed business hours. Choose the type that allows more than two changes per day if your staff needs to do after-hours cleanup or accounting. Programmable thermostats also let you set up different climate zones.

Smart thermostats, or any type of thermostat that can be controlled remotely, are best if you oversee multiple commercial spaces or one space that requires multiple thermostats. In addition to controlling individual thermostats remotely, they’ll also help you keep an eye on potential problems like output being set higher than normal (a sign of a failing HVAC system) or a room not receiving sufficient heating or cooling. Smart thermostats can help you monitor typically unmanned areas like server utility rooms, as well.

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