5 Ways to Protect Your HVAC System During Home Renovations

All types of home renovations involve noise, activity and a lot of dust, which can be harmful to your HVAC system. In this blog, your local HVAC contractor McLay shares some tips on how to protect your HVAC system during home renovations.

Plan ahead — Talk to your remodeler about the project timeline and what to expect during the remodeling project. For example, if the remodeling crew will be working close to where the HVAC condenser is, you’ll need to mark the perimeter around it in addition to installing an HVAC cover.

Turn off the HVAC — If your remodeling project will only take a couple of days and is scheduled during a relatively mild season, consider turning off the HVAC system for the duration of the project. If you must keep it on, keep an eye on the air filters, as they’ll get clogged faster than usual because of the construction dust.

Close off vents and registers — Heating and air conditioning systems distribute air through air ducts. For indoor renovations such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you should close off the vents and registers that circulate air in these rooms. Remodelers typically use high-powered fans to vent dust through an open window, so ventilation shouldn’t be a problem for such projects.

Clean the work areas regularly — Talk to your remodeler about daily cleanups if the project is expected to take longer than a day to complete. Cleaning up on a daily basis keeps dust from being tracked around the house and reduces the risk of dust infiltration should you need to use your HVAC system at night. Keep tabs on how much dust actually gets into your HVAC system by performing daily inspections.

Keep the work outside as much as possible — Woodworking and tile cutting can be done in the yard instead of indoors. Doing this can help reduce the amount of dust that could linger indoors and damage your HVAC system.

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