Symptoms of Plumbing Problems Due to Hard Water

While tap water is completely safe to drink, this doesn’t mean it’s 100% pure. Tap water normally has small amounts of minerals like calcium suspended in the water. These minerals are safe for human consumption (and healthy, even), but they can have a negative effect on your plumbing system. In complex systems such as tankless water heater cold climate units, these minerals can form a layer of sediment within the pipes that will eventually cause problems.

One of the most recommended solutions to minimize this problem is the use of water softener devices. These can “soften” water–hence their name–by removing certain minerals from your water supply. However, not all households face problems with hard water, so it’s not always clear when installing a water softener is a good idea. Our experts at McLay Services encourage you to keep an eye out for the following signs that you may actually need a water softener.

Faded or Yellowish Clothes

If you do your laundry at home, the first thing you’ll notice is a slight discoloration on your clothes, particularly those that are ultra-sensitive. While this isn’t necessarily reason enough to call the plumber just yet, it’s certainly a sign that you may have high concentrations of minerals in your water supply.

Stained Sinks, Toilets and Tubs

When hard water evaporates, it leaves behind solutes which, in turn, can stain ceramic surfaces. When you begin to see hard brownish lines around your sink or tub, it may be time to consult with the professionals. You can have your home tested for hard water, and the results will determine whether or not you need a water softener.

Odd Noises From the Pipes

Your outdoor tankless water heater freezing isn’t the only reason your plumbing sometimes makes loud creaking or banging noises. Too much buildup of minerals within the pipes can lead to reduced flow rates and high pressure, causing the pipes to make noises when you turn a faucet on.

Get Ahead of Plumbing Problems With Our Professional Help

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