A Simple Way to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

There’s a simple honor in practicing frugality. While some people may not mind spending extra on plumbers or HVAC technicians for home repairs, you could probably think of some much better ways to spend your hard-earned cash. There are many things you can do in your daily life to save money, including investing in modern heating and cooling technologies that offer a wide array of energy-efficient solutions.

The journey to an energy-efficient home and a more sustainable is a long one, and involves making a few lifestyle changes. While these changes may not be easy, they’re certainly not impossible. Below our professionals at McLay Services share the first few steps that will help you get started.

“Smart” Solutions

If you’re due to replace your heating and cooling units anytime soon, consider upgrading to a model with “smart” capabilities. This can include an outdoor tankless water heater with freeze protection that’s accessible by a smart hub in your home. This way, you can maximize the efficiency of your home systems and access its controls via your smartphone. Talk to your local contractors about smart home upgrades. Remember that you don’t need to replace everything in one go, as this could easily cost you an arm and a leg. Piecemeal upgrades may be a more practical approach.

Smarter Solutions

While smart technologies are great, you can also practice habits that are actually smart— that is, practical and resourceful. For example, installing ceiling fans can help better circulate the air inside your home. This helps your air conditioner (or furnace) provide improved comfort with less effort.

Go Tankless

Tankless water heaters are of great use in busy households. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these units heat water on an “as needed” basis. This means they’re no longer consuming energy maintaining a certain temperature inside the tank. Additionally, this also does away with the irritating problem of running out of hot water. Equipped with a tankless water heater with freeze protection, you can be sure that the slightly higher initial costs will be offset by the resulting savings.

Find More Energy-Saving Solutions From Our Experts

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