Can Your HVAC System Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

When you take good care of the systems that keep your home or business going, you’ll certainly reap many benefits. For example, adding an outdoor tankless water heater freeze protection system to your plumbing will definitely eliminate problems during the winter.  Along the same vein as the proper care and maintenance of your pipes, your HVAC system deserves equal attention as well.

But what happens if you fall short in maintaining your heating and cooling systems, or if the care of your building’s HVAC system is out of your control? What effect would it have on your own indoor air quality (IAQ)? These are the questions our HVAC and plumbing specialists at McLay Services have set out to answer below.

Uncomfortable Humidity

It’s often said it’s not the heat that makes people uncomfortable, but the humidity. Humid places can feel hotter than they really are because the air is so saturated with moisture that your sweat no longer evaporates, leaving you unable to cool off. This can be caused by a lack of tankless water heater freeze protection or poor maintenance of your HVAC system.

Unpleasant Odors

In addition to making you feel hot and sweaty, neglecting your HVAC system can also result in bad odors spreading throughout your building or home. Mold and mildew thrive in areas with high humidity, and are the usual suspects when it comes to unpleasant smells coming from your air vents.

Unexpected Illnesses

Indoor air quality is directly related to the health of the people within your building. A recent spate of respiratory-related illnesses like colds or allergy flare-ups, for example, can be traced back to how you handle your heating and cooling system. Of course, these conditions could also be the result of water issues that require plumbers to resolve them. However, if the spreading diseases are respiratory in nature, there’s a high likelihood that your HVAC system is to blame.

Get Help Improving Indoor Air Quality From Skilled Professionals

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