Can Duct Cleaning Relieve Asthma Symptoms?

Can Duct Cleaning Relieve Asthma Symptoms?

There’s nothing fun about being an asthma sufferer, especially if your condition is regularly triggered at home. You should be seriously thinking about the quality of your indoor air if the very place that should be keeping you safe is making you sick.

If you ask the plumbing, heating and air conditioning experts at McLay, they can tell you that tackling duct cleaning makes a big difference in relieving asthma symptoms.

Why Does Duct Cleaning Help?

The conditioned air your family breathes all goes through the air ducts. When they’re filled with contaminants such as mold, dust, dirt and pet dander, your house is going to be polluted night and day.

It’s imperative to clean the ductwork when necessary to get rid of allergens that can harm your family’s health, both those you can see and those you can’t. Otherwise, the microorganisms that build up in the ducts will spread to different rooms throughout your house as your HVAC equipment re-circulates the air.

Why Is It Not Enough?

Duct cleaning is not the perfect solution to allergy issues. Yes, it eliminates a ton of contaminants, but duct cleaning alone can’t improve your indoor air quality. You also need to install UV lights, fix faulty ducts and routinely clean your entire HVAC system, especially the cooling coils, fan, air filter and heat exchanger.

More importantly, you need to address what’s contaminating the air inside your house. To reduce indoor air pollution, you must also ventilate combustion appliances like gas stoves that produce nitrogen oxide, mitigate excessive humidity and quit smoking indoors. If you deal only with the symptoms of allergy problems and not the causes, the issues that trigger asthma will keep recurring.

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