Can You Use Ductless AC Systems in Commercial Settings?

Ductless AC Systems

Split units are perhaps the most common air conditioning and heating systems used in many residential settings. They offer great flexibility and usage even in homes with numerous rooms. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, are a completely different story. You want to be able to provide adequate cooling solutions for the various tenants and, at the same time, make sure the system is easily accessible and serviceable from one convenient location.

The number one solution that meets all the requirements of most commercial properties is a ductless air conditioning system. This often comes in a packaged unit that combines most of the important components in one cabinet on the roof. Here our HVAC experts at McLay Services explain what makes ductless air conditioners the best choice for your commercial building.

Dual functionality. Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems can function just like a heat pump. While this certainly makes heating and air conditioning repair jobs much easier, its dual heating and cooling functionality is also extremely useful in the temperate California climate. This means you can keep your building cool during hot summers and warm throughout mild winters.

Cooling control. In a mini-split system, cool air is distributed by a series of blowers that service individual parts of a business. This means you can turn off distribution to certain areas that aren’t in use. This function is usually not available in many centralized AC systems. This can help you save money on annual energy consumption.

Better quality. If you’ve ever hired an HVAC contractor for regular duct cleaning, you probably know just how dirty these ducts can get. Ducts are a prime spot for dust, dirt and other pollutants to accumulate, which could then be distributed to different parts of your building. You can avoid this indoor air quality issue by choosing a ductless air conditioning system instead.

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