Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

Tankless water heaters run more efficiently and are less costly to operate than their storage counterparts. They satisfy one of the unmet needs of many American households: on-demand hot water supply.

However, McLay’s plumbing specialists would attest that they’re not immune to problems. If you choose the wrong unit for your home, the results wouldn’t meet your expectations.

Here are the common issues with tankless systems, along with their solutions:

Scale Buildup

Hard water is notorious for rendering appliances inefficient. Ultimately, it can cause premature failure. The heat exchange of any tankless water heater has a small diameter, making it prone to clogging due to scale buildup.

Softening water is your most viable option. Neutralizing the effects of otherwise destructive minerals is one of the best ways to extend the life of your demand-type water heater. We use the NuvoH2O water softening system because it doesn’t rely on salt; rather, it binds and stabilizes calcium and magnesium in hard water.

Hot Water Supply Inconsistency

The output of tankless systems is generally limited to two to five gallons per minute. This might not be enough for a big family. When everyone takes a bath at the same time, some might get cold water in the middle of the shower.

To work around this inherent product limitation, it’s imperative to get multiple units when your situation calls for it. The purchase of several heaters instead of one will increase your initial cost, but they’ll start paying for themselves after installation.

Cold Water Sandwich Effect

This is when cold water comes out first whenever you turn the hot-water tap. All tankless water heaters need time to warm up cold water, but this phenomenon occurs when the unit is unable to hold onto the heater supply.

Choose a tankless system that can maintain a steady flow of hot water. This way, you don’t have to keep the tap on just to enjoy a warm bath from start to finish.

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