Get Ready for Spring in Pomona with these Top Home Improvement Tips

It’s safe to say that we have it pretty good in Pomona during the winter season. However, that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels during the spring time.  Even if the winter was mild, your house is still begging for a revamp, as well as routine maintenance. Upgrade your spring cleaning checklist to a spring improvements list and make sure that these items get checked off, so your home is ready to entertain this spring and summer.

Spring home improvement tips in Pomona

Rectify your roof – Rain and wind can take a toll on your shingles and the overall integrity of your roof. Take some time in the spring to climb up on your roof to identify and fix any potential damage.

Check your gutters –  In the beautiful SoCal weather, it can be easy to overlook the routine exterior maintenance that most homeowners are accustomed to. Be sure that your gutters are clear and well fitting this spring.

Clear your chimney – How many times did you get cozy by the fire this winter? If you wait until next winter to clear out your chimney, all of the soot and debris that has built up over the winter will sit in your house for the rest of the year. Getting your chimney swept in the spring ensures that your indoor air quality is at its best and that your system will be ready to use for next burning season.

Fortify your foundation – Though flooding isn’t a concern for Pomona locals, routinely checking your foundation will help prevent costly foundation issues that can occur in Southern California, through early recognition. Walk around the exterior of your house and check for cracks in your foundation that can be caused by temperature fluctuations.

Prep your exterior entertainment hubs – From power washing and sealing your decks and patios to firing up the grill, the spring time in Pomona is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Get your home ready for friends and family by filling in the cracks of your cement patios and driveways as well.

Escape to a front/backyard oasis with quick DIY landscaping – Whether or not you’re looking to take advantage of the summer seller’s market, it’s never a bad time to upgrade your home’s curb appeal or hominess with some quick and easy landscaping hacks. Get your hands dirty while keeping your bank account full by trying these simple DIY landscaping ideas.

Revamp your interior with a fresh coat of paint – While you’re clearing out rooms with your spring cleaning, throw down some plastic sheeting and freshen up your rooms with a bright coat of paint. If you’re pressed for time, consider adding just a few bold accent walls for a quick way to reinvent your home.

Get your HVAC system ready for the warmer temps – From routine furnace care to prepping your A/C unit for the warmer temps to come, the spring is a busy time for HVAC professionals in Pomona. Getting your heat pump or furnace checked after winter is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your system. The same goes for your A/C unit. Make sure to check and, if necessary, replace your air filter and check that your system and home are ready to keep your home comfortable and cool in the most efficient and effective manner.

We love beautiful Pomona in the spring and its residents. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to keeping Pomona locals comfortable in their homes with exceptional HVAC services in Pomona that improve our customers’ comfort and indoor air quality. Contact McLay Services today to get your home’s HVAC system ready for spring!